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Songs not syncing to iPhone

Songs not syncing to iPhone




United States


(iPhone 6s Plus, HP Pavilion)

Operating System

(iOS 13.4.1, Windows 10)

My Question or Issue

I have done all the steps to sync my local files to my iPhone and they still haven't showed up. 

1. Both devices are on the same WiFi

2. I have launched Spotify on the computer where the song(s) are stored.

3. I have marked the playlists for offline sync.

4. They still haven't magically appeared.

I used to have them on my phone but I had to delete the app because it kept crashing. When I re-downloaded the app, it stopped crashing but all my synced songs were gone. I even tried the same method of downloading a screen recording which is what fixed it last time to get my songs to sync to my phone but now that doesn't work. Please help, thank you.


6 Replies

Maybe try to create a new playlist with some local files on your Desktop app. Then download that playlist on your mobile app. You have to try several times, it doesn't magically work all the time.

Same thing. Deleted and reinstalled when Facebook messed up and the app kept crashing. Never had a problem before this.

this function of spotify sucks, really really sucks


agreed. it was functional (if you knew the trick) and now that's broken. they are pushing me more and more toward apple music.

Im trying new things right now, ill let you guys know if i see a new method that works.


I've tried this, and that doesnt work either. it must be the way they have been downloaded or something.

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