Songs occasionally won't start in mobile

Songs occasionally won't start in mobile

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When listening to a playlist, every so often when a song finishes, the next song won't start. It happens regardless of what playlist I'm listening to, whether I am on or offline, and whether the file is streaming or local.* Pressing pause and play does nothing, skipping back and then forward does nothing. Strangely though, skipping forward and then backward fixes the problem, and the song plays just fine. This only happens on mobile, never on the computer.


*The problem occurs specifically when transitioning from a local file synced from my computer to a file in Spotify's library.


I have restarted the app, restarted the phone, and even completely deleted and reinstalled the app, to no avail.


Enabling crossfade in the "Playback" options drastically lowered the frequency of this problem, but it still happens on occasion


A more detailed description, using numbered steps

1. I am listening to a playlist.

2. One song A synced local file ends, the next song from Spotify's library loads, but does not play.

3. I wait several minutes, the song does not play.

4. I press pause and then play, nothing changes.

5. I skip backward and then forward, nothing changes.

6. I skip forward and then backward, and the song plays as normal.


What I expected to happen

I expected the song to play when it was loaded by the playlist.


What actually happened

The song froze at the beginning as though paused, but the app was in "play" mode, not "pause".


My iPad/iPhone model

iPhone 4S


Device’s Operating System

iOS 7.1.2


Is your device jailbroken?



Approximately how many playlists do you have?



My mobile Spotify version


My provider and country



My username


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I'm with patthesplat - still getting the problem here. i will say that it fixed some of the tracks, but others still do it. I haven't found enough tracks that still do it to say that correlation = causation, but the few tracks i've found that still do it are tracks that are in spotify's database but also local tracks (i forget yalls lingo for that - linked? matched?). maybe it's just coincidence, but so far those are the tracks i'm noticing still do it. 


the itunes fix, as far as i can tell, has worked for those tracks which i only have locally (ie: those random versions of random songs from soundcloud)

I agree with leonardoroberto.


I'm still having the issue even having gone through the local itunes files performing the 'solution'.


I don't understand why Spotify expects its users to go and have to do this themselves. Spotify should be finding a solution to this where a simple app update is required. This should have been done a long to ago. For me this issue has been happening for the last 8 months! I've hung in there with a premium subscription hoping there will be a fix but starting to feel like theres no hope for Spotify


Come on Spotify, lets see a proper fix for this asap...

to add: after more messing around with it, my suspicion that maybe local only tracks were the problem was wrong - i now realize i still get the problem for tracks itried the itunes fix with, whether they are local only or local but also in spotify's library. maybe the itunes rounding thing is the problem, but there are at least some songs it looks like we don't have the ability to fix from our yea, now that the problem is perhaps identified, would love to see some movement from spotify's end.

I have the same problem with my phone and playback, Droid Turbo, makes the service that I'm paying for essentially useless.  REALLY ANNOYING

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