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Songs replay randomly

Songs replay randomly





(iPhone 8,

(iOS 11.4.1)


My Question or Issue

I have a problem that songs replay right before they end at random. Sometimes it keeps replaying over and over the same song and wont stop.  I have over 200 songs in my list, replay function is not activated. I have tried uninstalling the app several times and the app is up to date. I use this account on different devices but not at the same time (regular premium). The problem is very annoying so please help. I usually stream the music to my HEOS 7 speaker. 

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Hi @christer123, welcome to the community!


In this instance, I recommend that you perform a clean reinstall of Spotify on your device. You can find device-specific steps on how to do this in this article.


Hope this helps, thanks and have a great day!


Thank you for answering. Unfortunatly this does not help me. As i mentioned i have already done this several times and the problem keeps coming back.

Any other solutions?

Hi @christer123,


My apologies, I missed that part where you said you'd already tried to reinstall!


Does this issue occur when you're just listening on your phone or headphones? If it does not occur, I will escalate this issue to a moderator.



Im usually using the phone. The heos7 speaker connects directly to Spotify on my phon by wired network. Sometimes im using the iPad but the same thing happens.

Its possible its the speaker:/

Hi @christer123,


I suspect you're right about it being the speaker. Could you try signing out then back in on the speaker (the connection to Spotify). Also, maybe try factory reset the speaker?



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