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Songs won’t start downloading anymore.

Songs won’t start downloading anymore.






iPhone 7

Operating System

12.4.1 (up to date)


My Question or Issue

Waiting to download...


I have read a few suggestions.

Done everything they said.

Updated my phone

Restarted my phone

Reinstalled the app.

Account is premium.

Have barely downloaded any songs.

Only connected to 2 devices.

Battery is not in low power mode

Cellular is active for spotify.


I think my mistake was to queue to many things at once, but I have since removed most of the downloads in queue.


My internet connection shows 3 of 4 bars in 4G

2 Replies

Hey @crispr_boi, welcome to the Community.

Hope you're doing great!

I highly recommend Wifi for this unless you have unmilited data.

Just head over to Settings > Music Quality, scroll to the bottom and turn on Download Usign Cellular Data.


Keep me posted 🙂

Sorry for wasting your time..

Thanks for the effort.

It ended up being tied to the internet speed.

But it just seemed or still seems weird, that is was not doing anything for hours, when other stuff worked. For example, I could watch youtube in Full HD. And even when I didn't do anything else, it wouldn't download. I have unlimited data that's why I never use the wifi in my flat because it's so slow in my room, I prefer the speed of my 4G.

So I was irritated, even though it isn't the fastest in my room either, my cellular speed is reasonably fast in my room.

I don't know, it worked when I used another wifi, after the flight I intended to use it for was already over.

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