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Sonos speakers not showing on device list

Sonos speakers not showing on device list



iPhone 10 - 13.2.3


This issue has been going on for months. I cannot connect to Sonos using my Spotify app. I have no problem playing Spotify And other music services using the Sonos app. 

I have tried everything including the full steps today to clear my Spotify cache and fully remove the app from my iPhone. 

When I did this, it worked for 10 minutes (and I was so excited!). I could see all of my Sonos speakers showing as an option to play from Spotify. 

I just went and checked again after a few hours and it’s back to only showing my Alexa devices. 

Please please please help. Others can see my Spotify devices with no issue when they come over, so this is a specific bug to my app. 

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Hi there,


Did this issue get resolved for you? I have recently upgraded to the latest version of Spotify and am facing the same issue (ie my Sonos speakers no longer display in the device list when playing music through Spotify). I can still access Spotify via the Sonos app no worries.

I actually found, for me, it’s because I was still using the Sonos Connect, which is no longer necessary. As soon as I removed that and completely disconnected and reset my entire system using the reset instructions, it worked and I haven’t had a problem since!

Thanks for the reply. I restarted my router last night and the speakers are all showing again in Spotify.

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