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Speaker Recommendations Please

Speaker Recommendations Please

Hi all -- after close to a year trying to resolve connection issues with Alexa we've given up. You can see what happens in the rest of this thread but basically, we have to constantly re-connect Spotify to Alexa (and by constantly I mean pretty much every day.) I can connect to my TV and Bluetooth devices with no issues. Since we've tried every single fix presented, and since other devices seem to work fine -- we've decided to give up and get new speakers and just take Alexa out of the mix completely. 

So my question: I'm looking for a new speaker option with the following specs: ability to buy speakers and link to form groups, relatively affordable - I can probably handle Bose level, want to be able to use our network (not just Bluetooth) AND prefer not to have something that uses Google. Would love some direction!! Thank you so much for all your help the last year or so 🙂 



Sorry for the lengthiness but we're kind of at the end of our options and just wanted to share everything in hopes of a fix. 

We have a shared plan. I have an Android-Samsung Galaxy and my husband has an iPhone. I also use Spotify desktop (Windows device). We are using Alexa as our speaker and have groups set up with multiple Alexas. We have CONSTANT issues (as in literally every day). Specifically: 

When going into Spotify -- desktop or Samsung -- my Alexa groups disappear. Sometimes Alex disappears completely (not just the group). My only options for playing then are "this device" OR my TV.  I have to open the Alexa app on the phone, go to Music and even though it shows Spotify connected / default -- I have to go in, disable the skill and then re-enable it and it's okay -- for that day or for that session. Usually within another session or day -- it drops the Alexa speakers again. So basically EVERY SINGLE time I want to play from Spotify -- I need to disable and re-enable. 

On the iPhone - similar situation. The Alexa speakers don't show. In that case -- if a voice command is given to Alexa to play something from that Spotify playlist -- it will then show the Alexa groups on the phone again.

Unfortunately -- with both devices (but much more often with the iPhone),  it also often stops playing mid-song - and then the whole process starts all over again. 

At this point -- we actually spend more time troubleshooting than playing so a few  questions: 

1. Do all these things together seem to point to one potential issue that I may not be thinking about? We've done ALL the troubleshooting in all these forums -- including re-installing apps on phones and desktops, disabling, re-enabling, toggling back and forth on local network devices, etc. And usually one of those things is a temporary fix (and it's a different thing each time) but then the problem comes back VERY quickly (within days). 

2.  We're using Verizon Fios. I have re-set the router (on a few occasions for this and other reasons) so I don't think it's that but is it possible that that's causing the issue? As an FYI -- I have zero issues with the internet or my printer (which is connected wirelessly to the same network). 

3. Do you think Alexa is the issue and should we be considering a completely different set-up? And if so -- suggestions? The less tech the better -- we just are not really gadget people. 

So appreciate this group. Thanks in advance for any advice. 


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Hey @barbpf,

Thanks for posting in the Community and welcome.


We really appreciate all the details you kindly sent us. In this case, you'll need to send the command verbally, asking "Alexa to play music in the group ***" ( it depends on how you've called the group), so you won't need to use Connect to choose the group.


On another note, since you've mentioned the music stops randomly on your husband's iPhone, we'd suggest you perform a clean reinstall of the Spotify app there to see if you notice any difference.  By doing that the app can be up-to-date and you can make sure the cache is not leading to this inconvenience. You can see the steps for a clean reinstall here.


Lastly, we'd suggest checking for software updates on your Alexa devices (Go to Settings > Device Options > Check for Software Updates) and make sure to use preferably the same network. On the Spotify mobile app, you can check if the option Show local devices only is toggled on. If yes, toggled it off.


If none of the above doesn't do the trick, would you mind sending us the model of your Alexa devices?


Keep us in the loop!

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Thank you for sharing some new things to try! I will look at all these tomorrow and let you know it goes. We have a few Alexa units  and I actually think one might be a first gen but I'll check those as well and come back with a report. 


I'm back. I updated Alexa (It actually was updated but I did check that). Toggled on and off. Gave it a few days to see how it works. Unfortunately -- it still keeps dropping the Alexa devices and I have to keep disabling/re-enabling the skill (on the Samsung) or on the Apple -- using voice commands to try and connect. My Alexas include one First Generation (amazingly) and a Dot from 2 years ago. Do you think it's the Alexa? I'm ready to invest in other speaker options if that's it.  The only other thing I think it could be at this point is Verizon Fios. Since it's happening on all different devices -- phones, computers, etc. it's either the speaker or the connection right? Is there anything with FIOS that would cause this? And any way to test that? I saw someone mention a hot spot? If that's the way -- could someone give me some step by step help on how to test it using that idea? 

Hey @barbpf,


Thanks for the reply.


Could you try resetting the playback devices to their factory settings and see how it goes? If no change, update them to the latest version and try using a hot spot from your mobile device as an internet connection so we can exclude network related reasons.


Keep us posted on how that went,



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