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Specific local files not syncing to phone

Specific local files not syncing to phone

Hi. I made a playlist with my father’s music that he created. Added it to my Spotify on my desktop thru local files. I downloaded the playlist on my desktop. I have enabled local files on my Spotify on my iPhone (in both the app and my settings for iPhone). I downloaded the playlist on my phone. It still isn’t working- says I need to sync with my computer then gives no other information. Both devices are on the same WiFi network. Songs are in aiff format. I also added the songs to the Spotify folder on my phone. There are no options under the local files toggle on the phone app to add a source for the files, so it’s just syncing songs from my iTunes account. Please help. Thanks.
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Hey there, 


Thanks for reaching out about this here in the Community. 


Just to confirm, are you able to listen to the local files on the desktop app? If so, would you mind trying to store the local files on your iPhone directly to see if that makes the difference? 


If you're still having issues, could you try following these specific steps to see if they work for you? 


Let us know how it goes.

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unable play local files songs even after downloaded in iphone with same wifi on desktop and iphone.

it says "if you own the song you can sync it from your computer" on iphone






iPhone 14

Operating System

(iOS 17, Windows 11


My Question or Issue

I've made a playlist with songs that won't download or sync to my phone. As I've showed on the video below they are only playable whenever I'm using the same WiFi as my PC.
I've tried switching those files up but they still won't sync, it seems like the exact same artist and/or song name is blacklisted or something like that.
I've also clean reinstalled and installed on both devices, and none of that worked. I've had this ''glitch'' for about a month and gave up on it a while ago because I thought it was a Spotify issue and not something to do with the files, but after the new update nothing changed, I don't know what to do anymore, anything helps thanks.  

Yes I'm able to play it on my PC.

I've done all of those before with no results.

Where can I find that?

Hey @yezy999,


Thanks for your reply and for the info shared.


Would you mind being more specific about your second reply? Would you mind sending us the exact steps you've taken so far? That way we'll avoid repeating any suggestions.


On another note, would you mind sending us more details about your last post? In which you asked "Where can I find that?" Are you referring to a specific feature? Send us more info, and we'll help as best as we can.


It's important to clarify that Local files experience changed some time ago. Now, remember that there's no need to import the files from one device to the other, as the files can be stored on phones. You can read more about it here. After adding the local files to the Spotify folder located on the Files of your iPhone, you should be able to see the folder containing those files.


If you successfully add your Local files to your iPhone, would you mind sending us the exact Spotify version you're running on your device? Are you able to play your local files by selecting them directly from the Local Files folder located in your library?


Keep us in the loop!

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