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Spotify Battery Drain

Spotify Battery Drain

I still am experiencing this problem I will probably unsubscribe it. From Sep 14 are there any improvements? I realized this after I upgraded Spotify.
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I noticed that in the lastest version of spotify 1.0.1, the battery was draining heavily


I was doing my work at college and looked up and was like gjgghjthtngtngt howd my battery drain so quick?


I realized it was the lastest update and been monitoring it on my mac


The older versions of spotify were much lighter. I have reverted back to and have saved the installation files because spotfiy when restarted installs the latest edition automatically!!


I simply just want all my playlists and songs, i dont need any activity feeds, messages, what's new, whats being heard around the world etc, i just want plain simple with a nice sleek black look. So far im happy at theres easily a 40% more efficiency in this version compared to the lastest.


If any spotify developer reads this, please create an option in the lastest versions of spotify that can allow a user to enable a powersaving simplicity mode that just allows access to the playlists and songs in a nice clean sleek black appearance cause that is all most of us want.



Also, increase your cache, i have increased mine from 2gb to 8gb. This will help ease spotify from using excessive power and wifi to stream tracks when it can rather just keep framents of the song/ most recently played songs on your computer



Let me know if you do any testing and find any more efficient versions. Im a busy person, so I have no time to look for a clean stable and simple version. If it bother me enough, I will look but i like this version for now. (Energy impact on activity manager 4-6 while playing a song and having spotify in the back while doing your work. With spotify open, and browing the internet I'm at an energy draw of 8.4 watts, which is not bad at all. (I'm a tech freak in a sense that i keep track of how much power my macbook is drawing and its temps/ fan speeds) (Love Macs) 





Also, what version did you have before September 14th, maybe that version is even more efficient!

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