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Spotify Cannot find iPhone

Spotify Cannot find iPhone


Before you give me flak, yes I have searched the forums. As well as many other websites.

Spotify will not recognize my iPhone as a device. They are connected to the same network (and via cable), which is set as a home network with the firewwall disabled and file sharing activated.
I have reinstalled spotify and restarted my device many times, as well as running as administtrator and logging in and out. All of my playlists transfer over fine, but Spotify will not recognize my phone as a device.


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Hi. You mentioned a cable - what do you mean as you should be synching over wifi. Take a look at the connection troubleshooting guide then shout if you still have problems.

have you tried restarting your computer?

Already done. I did all of the steps with the cable connected, just in case. I don't care if it's over wifi, I just want to sync.

Of course.

What operating system is your computer running? Also, do you have any anti-virus or other security software installed? If so which ones? 



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Windows 7, and Norton, which I already completely disabled while attempting to get Spotify to work.

Anybody have any ideas?

  • Hide your cable in another room.
  • Make sure that spotify on your iphone is running and is not in offline mode.
  • Check that your iphone is connected to the same wireless network as your desktop.
  • Try the troubleshooting steps again.


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