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Spotify Connect - Unknown person using my account?!

Spotify Connect - Unknown person using my account?!



Hope someone can help!


Recently i have noticed a random device on my available devices at the bottom of my spotify app when i am playing music, and it appears that whoever is using this random device can access my account and listen to whatever they want, and when doing this it stops me from listening to my music!


I have tried logging out of all the devices on the web page and this hasn't worked, and i have also tried changing both my spotify and facebook passwords, again this has not worked. This is getting really frustrating now as i am constantly disturbed by this random person when i want to use my account!


Really hoping someone can help.....

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What might be a good idea is to go to your Spotify account and manually remove any devices (click remove for each device). 

Thanks for the prompt reply, i have also tried this and it hasn't worked, is there no way that i can just remove devices from the available connect devices at the bottom of the screen?

I'm afraid not! Normally if you sign everyone out on the web, it remotely kicks everyone out. Presumably it's not others on your WiFi network?

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