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Spotify Premium Not Working on my iPhone 6 running iOS 8.1.2

Spotify Premium Not Working on my iPhone 6 running iOS 8.1.2

I have the latest Spotify update and about 2 weeks ago my Premium account stopped working on my phone. My wife also uses it and it runs just fine on her phone but mine will not work. It pulls up everything it's just when I click on a song if it plays at all it will only do so for just over a minute and then it stops. Idk what to do. Do I need to update my iOS to iOS 8.3? Please help!!
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An update to iOS 8.3 is not mandatory;-)

Have you tried logging out of your account and then logging in again?


Spotify limits the amount of devices that can sync offline music to a maximum of three devices.

Playing songs is limited to one device at a time. If you and your wife both use one account at the same time, on one of your devices the music will pause. If you want to both use Spotify you will need two accounts. Via Spotify family this is possible at a discount.


If you don't use Spotify at the same time but still have a problem, please let us know here and i'll try to help 🙂

What's a Spotify Rock Star?

I also have The same problem, but i don't play from offline and also i can't see my playlists anymore.
I had this problem about 3 months ago but i Fixed it by reinstalling spotify, but it doesent work anymore

PS: The exact time it stops is 1:20

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