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Spotify Premium account not working on iPhone

Spotify Premium account not working on iPhone

All of a sudden my Spotify Premium account won't work on my iPhone. 


I've had no issues in the past at all, however now am getting a "Premium Required: Spotify Premium is required for on-demand mobile streaming. It's free to stream on desktop." I can't play any music!! 


None of my playlists will work either, "Track Not Synced: If you own the track, you can sync it from your desktop". 


I'd really like to have what I pay for and have trusted thus far work 😞 



Help, please?!



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Wait... is this because my subscription has come to an end? I've had it for almost a year... 


Why would it not roll over, or notify the user if this is the case?

Hi, and welcome to the communtiy!


Does it say you have a premium subscription in your subscription overview? If not, then your premium has run out and that'll be why - just resubscribe and everything will work fine.


There are a few reasons as to why it didn't rollover, like it should. The most common explanation is that the card didn't have the relevant funds, or the card was declined for other reasons - is it still in date?



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