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Spotify Quality issues

Spotify Quality issues

Hi all,

I have the preimum service.

In the last two weeks I have been experiencing major quality issues using Spotify on my iPhone 4S. I just installed spotify on my Dell computer at home and I tried it out using Splashtop on my ipad remotely. The quality is 100x better than listening through the iPhone app. Please fix.  It used to sound great through my iPhone. But now sounds like crap. This is even streaming using the Extreme quality settings. It does not make a difference whether I am connected to AT&T 4g or my cable Internet connection. also, the streaming keeps starting and stoping every few seconds. Before about 2 weeks ago over 4g using the Extreme settings worked great. Great quality and no start/stops. 

Please fix!! I even went as far as deleting and reinstalling the app. That help sobestir it still sound 100% better quality coming over Splashtop from my Dell Mini computer. I love Spotify and recommend it to all my friends and family..

Again please Fix!!!


John Gerard

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Hey! 🙂 


Would it be possible for you to try all the steps and fill in the template in the iOS troubleshooting guide?



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Hi John,

The app doesn't support 4G just yet, does it stutter at all on just WiFi?

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