Spotify Radio Question

Spotify Radio Question

Im very new to Spotify, so Im still learning a lot about how to use the app on my iphone (which is where I mostly use it).


So far, I think my favorite feature of Spotify is RADIO. I can listen to random songs that are similar to what I like. And I love the thumbs up/down feature to improve it.


But  my question is this ... I entered an artist I like to start a new radio station. Without creating a new station, is there a way to add other artists I like to the station, to futher improve the station to know what I like? Or is this a possible addition in the future?



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Hey @keemcosh welcome to the Community--glad to hear you're enjoying Spotify Radio.


At the moment the ability to add numerous artists to one station isn't a feature, but you can vote for that idea right here:

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