Spotify UI glitch

Spotify UI glitch

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My Question or Issue my interface whenever I pull up a song it the same as a free members. I’ve redownloaded the app 7 times and restarted my phone 4 times. This problem occurred Randomly. The only thing I can think of that happened recently is I took my SIM card out of my phone while Spotify was open. Ever since then Spotify shows the old ui. The problem is that I don’t have access to my queue or replaying songs normally. Sometimes when I redownload Spotify it will fix but the second I close and reopen it the problem comes back


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At Spotify, possible improvements and new features are often being tested. This means you might see something on the app your friend doesn't, or get a brand new feature for only a temporary period.

Things tested could include the next generation of security protection, or new ways to listen. It's also a way for Spotify to introduce new features, and fine-tune the app to be compatible with specific devices.

In this case if you don't like this change to Spotify I'd suggest supporting this idea in the Community Ideas Exchange.

This’ll allow users, Stars, and Moderators to vote and comment on it.


Currently to access repeat/shuffle buttons and the queue you need to tap on the … top right corner.

Thanks! 🙂

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If you would like to see the repeat button moved back, please like this idea:

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Iphone 8 - Old, cracked and heavily used, battery occasionally heats up severely, no previous problems with apps crashing to my recollection 


I was listening to my liked songs on shuffle and while I was moving songs up my queue from farther down I ran into a UI glitched where the “Next in Queue” was duplicated and overlaying over the songs (pic 736....png). I decided to continue listening to my music where I then realized that spotify was not following the songs listed in the queue. I then proceeded to play a separate song from my liked songs playlist by exiting the queue, the queue did not change. It was frozen in the same order as before, but I could still scroll up and down (pic A84....png). After that I attempted to move one more song up the queue, after moving the song, spotify then proceeded to crash. After relaunching spotify the problem was “fixed” but after rapidly moving a song up and down my queue, I was able to crash the app only once more, all following attempts were unsuccessful.



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