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Spotify Update 3.2.01554 - Saving Music

Spotify Update 3.2.01554 - Saving Music

 On the newest update of Spotify for iphone I have been having issues saving my music to my library. For one, music I save on my desktop app or on the online web application will not show up on my phone app(iphone  6 fyi). Also, when I save music directly on my phone app it deletes those songs when I close the app and reopen it. I don't know if these are just bug issues that will be resolved when a newer version is released, but in the meantime this is incredibly frustrating to me as I can't save any of the new music I would like to listen to. 

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Are these songs that you are trying to save to Your Music local files or songs streamed from Spotify?

They are songs from spotify. Although now I'm thinking is it possible that there is a cap on the songs you can save to your library? Everytime I add them whether or not its through the app or the desktop, the music gets deleted when I reopen spotify again 😞 

Yeah, annoyingly there is a limit of 10,000 songs you can save to Your Music. No idea why that restriction is in place.

If you're still having issues, have you since updated to v3.3? If so, have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app?

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