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Spotify Wifi Sync Issues

Spotify Wifi Sync Issues

I just subscribed to Spotify Premium yesterday. I am a college student using  the university network (thus have no way to unplug router and change router settings). I am also using an Iphone 5 with OS 7 and a macbook Pro running Mavericks. I have tons of music in my itunes library, and just purchasing spotify, I was hoping to switch it all over. It all shows up under local files in the spotify app on my laptop, but then when I attempt to sync the files to my phone....



My phone and computer are connected to the same WIFI network. I have tried literally everything. Uninstalling spotify on both devices, connecting to a personal hotspot from my iphone on my computer, plugging it in with USB, making sure the devices are not in offline mode....EVERYTHING.


My iphone wont show up under devices in the computer app. I am incredibly frustrated (after 1 day of using the service!!!!). If I can't get this issue resolved, I will definitly be cancelling my subsription and moving back to iTunes. Any suggestions? I really like the program, but it just doesnt work.3

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Unfortunately, university networks are usually implemented in a way which prevents spotify synching.


Fortunately you can get around this by creating an ad hoc wireless network on you Mac and connecting both you Mac and mobile to it. The phone should then show up under devices and synch will be possible. It's a bit of a pain and your Mac won't have internet access until you connect it back to the Uni net but it does work.

Super helpful. Thanks SO much.

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