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Spotify acts differently on my boyfriend's phone. Help.

Spotify acts differently on my boyfriend's phone. Help.

Okay so my boyfriend and me both have spotify on our phones (iPhone 6s), same version, premium etc. But when he goes to Your Library > Artists then click on any artist, instead of going to the artist page it shows all the songs he downloaded/saved from that artist. wut


We have the same settings, it's been like this for him since he downloaded the app.

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Hey @dimahoo! Welcome to the Spotify Community! 🙂


That's odd.

He may be a part of A/B (two different versions of software are tested) testing).

That would explain why he got a different version of the app. 🙂




Thanks for replying Nico!


I guess that might be what's happening. But the issue there is that he hates it. Too many steps to go on the artist page to see the albums and he never opted to test anything. 


Hey @dimahoo.


This is something that usually happens when the device is offline. Could you make sure that your boyfriend's Spotify is not on Offline mode in Settings?


I sometimes get that error myself when there's a problem with the network connection, but since you're both using the same network and only he is getting the problem, I presume this is not the case. 

Let us know if toggling Offline mode works 🙂


Hey Peter! Thanks for you time.


No it wasn't in offline mode, I swear everything were the same settings than mine. The first time he opened Spotify it was already like that. He switched to another platform now, it was too annoying.

Hey @dimahoo.


We're sorry to hear that 😞

If there's anything else we can do for you, just let us know. We're here for you 🙂


Take care,



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