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Spotify always resumes music on internal speaker instead of dock connection??!>

Spotify always resumes music on internal speaker instead of dock connection??!>

So I have a 2014 Cadillac CTS-V wagon. It has a GM iPod adapter that supports my ipod classic perfect.


The ipod touch 4th gen is connected to the GM ipod adapter via a 30 pin sync/charge cable. When I get back in the car and start it up, spotify continues playing, but not through the 30 pin connector/car stereo. It plays via the internal ipod speaker?! I have to disconnect the ipod and reconnect in order for the audio to switch to the car.


I also purchased a 5th Gen ipod Touch to test with the GM ipod adapter and a 30pin>lightning adapter. This ipod had the exact same issue, when I got back in the car, spotify on the ipod would continue playing its 'now playing' track on the internal speaker instead of through the connected cable. I'd have to reconnect multiple times to get it to recognize. I have to disconnect the ipod, hit play in spotify, and then the audio transfers through the dock to the car stereo on both ipods as well as my roomates Iphone 4s.


I tested this using the built in 'Music/Ipod' app instead of spotify and it resumes just fine through the dock connector and car stereo.


So this issue is limited to spotify.


I have tested this using the latest spotify on a 4th Gen 32gb ipod touch on ios 6 and the latest 6.16, as well as the 5th Gen 32gb ipod touch with the latest iOS 7....



Any ideas? Can I disable the internal speaker? To eliminate this being a GM ipod adapter issue I have ordered a replacement one of those as well.


Thanks so much for the help.


-Dane Taylor

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It probably is a Spotify issue, it has never really worked properly with cars. There is an open bug about issues here:

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