Spotify and BMW Problems

Spotify and BMW Problems


Hi guys,


I was using Spotify with my BMW flawlesly (connected via cable). But lately (since the latest ios update maybe?) Spotify wont connect and after launching the app I get the attached error screen. Allready restarted phone and updated BMW software but problem remains.


Any ideas?

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İ have same problem since lasted update of spotify


The same problem here. Tried everything but problems remain.

Same problem here in my mini !

Ruined my Monday morning drive

Please fix asap spotify!


We have to wait for the next app update 😞  

more information here

I'm having the same problem in my 2015 M135i.
I only use Spotify in the car, so this makes my premium subscription completely redundant.
I strongly believe that Spotify should offer BMW/Mini drivers a free months premium (or something similar) as compensation for this issue.



I have again problems with the Spotify integration (latest version of Spotify, BMW Connected App, update of car services). I got the new features (running, moments, ..) with this features my BMW integration is totally broken. Instead of my music Spotify switches to Today. The navigation with iDrive moves Spotify to menu nothing is working anymore. For me unusable so far. Any similar observations? Any idea how to disable this new features?







I am using both Spotify and Apple music - to my mind Spotify has better music selection , BUT - it is really annoying how it plays in car (BMW X5 F15) via Blueatooth - 


it shows properly only the first song's thumbnail and name on iDrive sreen and then freezes, so I do not see in my car's console any of next song's title or other information and it is really annoying , so I am using Apple Music in my car.


is there any solution to this annoying bug?

Hi, unfortunately i can not help. I have the same problems here. It was for me the reason to discontinue my subscription because my main use case did not work and was always a source of problems. It seems to me to be a quality issue because i checked out other applications like ntv or deezer which work much better in my bmw with the app integration. Kind regards Michael


The BMW UI for Spotify has a ton of lag in it.  It's hard to use and get to my music. 


Is there any way to turn the BMW integration off so that I can just use the controls on the iPhone?



I recently purchased a new BMW with iDrive 5.0. When using Spotify and trying to select songs on the dashboard I just get the message "loading ..." This works fine on the iDrive screen and only affects the dashboard - any ideas?


I'm not exactly sure what's going on here but I vaguely remember having this problem, too.  I think that it eventually just went away.  There's probably some kind of synchronization that happens between the car and the Spotify app. 

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