Spotify and SmartCast

Spotify and SmartCast

I have a question for anyone. Is anyone else having a problem where in the smartcast Vizio app it shows Spotify as a castable app. But when you click on the app and it opens Spotify, your Tv/or speaker doesn’t show up as a device to select from? 

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Thanks for the post! Interesting workaround. It works, but after shutting off the tv and closing the mobile Spotify app, the app no longer recognizes the tv device if I reopen it on my phone and this process is required again. It's convinient if you already have your computer on. I'll use this workaround for now - at least I can listen to music in my living room again!

For no obvious reason, SmartCast started working again. 

I did notice within the past two weeks that both Spotify and Vizio both had an update. So it's hard to know what fixed on which end. 

Well their update of two days ago broke this feature again.... *sigh*

Their August 21st update fixed this issue (and they acknowledged the fix on the iOS update description). 


"Bug fixes and improvements in this version include:

- Fixed one issue where cast devices were not discovered"


All is working well again. 

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