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Spotify app won't shuffle

Spotify app won't shuffle

I've always only been able to play playlists on shuffle mode on the spotify app and playing it in order was for computer only, now I can only play things in order and not use shuffle. This doesn't make sense because only shuffle was free all the way up until now and you don't need premium to play songs both in order and shuffled on the computer so it should be the same on mobile.
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In this case, we'd like to gather as many details as possible. Can you share with us a video recording of the behavior you're describing? You can attach the video in your next reply in mp4 format, or you can also upload it to YouTube or Google drive and make them public, so we can visualize it.


On another note, Can you let us know the exact make/model of your device along with the Spotify version you have installed?

Lastly and just to confirm, did you notice if this started to happen after a specific event, such as a OS update? If yes, please send us the details.

We'll be on the lookout!

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My app will not shuffle either. This has been happening for a month now.


Here is a video of it happening.


This is very annoying and basically makes me not enjoy my music. Please fix this.

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We appreciate the info you sent, however, the file has an unsupported format and it plays only audio on our end. If you could re -attach it with a supported format, it would be fine. But according to your description, it could be related to some damaged cache that might be interfering with the proper behavior of the app.


In this case, and if you haven't tried before, we'd recommend performing a clean reinstall of the app by following the steps in this article. This is often an overlooked step, but it's more thorough than a quick one and can be helpful in getting rid of any cache that might be causing trouble.


If the issue persists, would you mind checking if it happens using a different device?


Lastly, it would be great if you could include in your next response the make, model, OS version and Spotify version you're currently running to continue investigating your case.


We'll be on the lookout.

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