Spotify bug with Pioneer 8750BT CarPlay system

Spotify bug with Pioneer 8750BT CarPlay system

Dear All,


Recently, I try to connect my iPhone 6 (version is 9.2.1) with the Pioneer 8750BT CarPlay system. There is a bug between these two machine. I don't know which one is the root cause.


Here is the reproduce steps and I can reproduce this issue with 100% probaility:

1. Link the CarPlay and play the music via spotify.

2. Turn off the car and Pioneer 8750BT machine.

3. Remove the lightning from the iphone.

4. Try to play another songs on your iphone via spotify.

5. Stop spotify playing on your iphone

6. Turn on your car and Pioneer 8750BT.

7. Connect your iPhone and  Pioneer 8759BT with lightning cable.

8. Play the music with spotify and you will hear nothing or high frequency noise...


When I meet the bug...I need to "reboot" my iPhone. I need to reboot my iPhone everytimes when I want to drive my car. I think it is very stupid that I need waiting for iPhone reboot.


Do anyone know how to avoid this issue? 

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