Spotify cannot find my chromecast

Plan: Premium

Device: iPhone 8

Operating System: iOS 13


My Question or Issue:

As of a few days ago the spotify app on my phone won’t show my chromecast anymore as an available device. Other apps such as Netflix and Youtube however do connect to my chromecast. Both my iPhone and the chromecast are connected to the same WiFi-network. 

I’ve tried everything:

- spotify app is the latest version

- chromecast firmware is the latest version

- logging in and out of spotify

- deleting the spotify app and reinstalling it

- resetting/restarting my iPhone

- deleting the cache both inside the app and within the iPhones storage settings, then deleting the app and resetting my iPhone

- turning chromecast on and off

- putting chromecast back to factory settings

- reinstalling the chromecast 

- restarting the WiFi (router)

- trying to cast spotify from my computer to the chromecast



Does anyone have any other possible solutions to my problem? I’ve tried everything I could possibly think of. Thankyou! 







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