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Spotify-connect and battery drain on IOS

Spotify-connect and battery drain on IOS

When I use spotify connect,  battery is draining a lot. 

I think that it due to music is reading on the phone and on the connected spotify device together : I hear music on the connected spotify device and  on the speaker of my phone (very slow volume)


IPhone SE with IOS 11.2.6

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I do not hear music on my phone playing, however battery drains quickly with spotify connect. And yes I too suspect that remote feature that keeps the iphone controls active

Forcing the app to quit helps.


Iphone 8 latest IOS and Spotify release



I'd think it's because the remote controls are active on your phone. What you can try is the following: 

  1. Open settings in the Spotify-app.
  2. Go to devices
  3. Turn off "lockscreen..."

Does this help? 

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Without lockscreen battery is no drain but it doesn't solved the problem.


If I connect spotify to a chromecast with lockscreen activated there are no battery drain. So I think that spotify-connect could work as fine as google cast but  it doesn't.

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