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Spotify connect completely broken

Spotify connect completely broken


i use spotify premium on an iPhone and iPad with newest iOS. 


Since a few days Spotify connect is broken for me: my Yamaha musiccast speakers are not in the list anymore. It worked perfectly for months. Goggle cast and airplay works still flawlessly. 


Already restartet all devices and router multiple times. 


Maybe the new firmware update from Yamaha is the problem. I‘ve installed it a few days ago. 






(iPhone 6s, iPad 2018

Operating System

(iOS 12.2)


My Question or Issue


8 Replies

Similar issue with musiccast system, but no FW update done. it's seems more related to the last Spotify update of my IOS device.

yes, i thought that too. i'm in the spotify beta and the problem is still present. i've contacted the programmer via the beta formular but get no feedback.

I'm using Android Pie on my phone, and since a month or so  ago, I can't find any connected devices over cellular. I can find my tv if I'm on the same network, but that is it. I used to be able to control my tv, PC, etc. from my phone over cellular all the time. 

Still happening... bump?

No more happening shortly after my previous message. Still no FW update on the Yamaha but as it's maybe not the root cause here have your tried the usual?

- full power off (power down) of the device

- restart your home router (wifi+LAN)


Try again

Yea, no luck. I tried Premium for a while, but cancelled since I couldn't get my android device to play most of the time. Maybe that was when it worked.

Now that I think about it, it wasn't with Premium, so maybe that was a recent change. I was able to control devices from my phone over a Mobile network, but when trying to control my phone from a PC it said I needed Premium...

I spoke with a Spotify agent online (yes, they have that!) and apparently you can only use Spotify Connect when both devices are on the same wifi network.

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