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Spotify constant crashes on iPhone 5S

Spotify constant crashes on iPhone 5S

Now I just thought before I start ranting I would point out that I do like the new style spotify has adapted and its new features.


However, pretty much everytime I start the spotify app it immediatly crashes. I can no longer rely on my spotify, now I have NO music on my phone except from Spotify so this is a pretty huge issue.


I have noticed that this happens usually if one of these are true:

Connected to a wi-fi network

Connected to a bluetooth speaker

Connected to anything via wi-fi or bluetooth in general.


Now when I disconnect from all of the above it sometimes starts working but even this is not guarenteed. I end up restarting my phone completley and then there is a 60% chance it might work.


Another issue I am having is when music does eventually play, I of course lock my phone. This is all well and good but when I want to skip a song I have to press the skip button several times which in the end skips past a handful of songs. To counteract this, I unlock the phone and try to change the song in the app but the app is completley unresponsive (still plays music) to what I want it to do. I have to wait a good 15-20 seconds before it starts responding.


I have been experiencing this issue since v1 and it still exists in the latest update.


iPhone 5S 32GB

7.0.5 (11B601)


I hope someone from the Spotify team gets back to me as soon as possible.





Here is a video of the waiting I described above:


It may look like I am not doing anything but whilst it looks stationary I am actually trying to scroll through my songs. This is something that never happens with Spotify normally. The new update has brought this on.


EDIT Again: Really did not take long to reproduce any of the issues I mentioned. This is now the crashing you are about to watch:

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I know its a pain, but it's worth uninstalling Spotify, fully restarting your device by holding the home and lock buttons together until the Apple logo appears on screen and then installing Spotify again to see if that makes any difference?

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I'm actually trying that now as we speak. The next step I think will probably be to downgrade.

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