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Spotify doesn't find devices on same network

Spotify doesn't find devices on same network

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I have 2 wifi bands at home, 2.4 & 5 like most homes.  My Spotify app only finds a couple of devices on band 5. If I switch to 2.4 network with all devices on it Spotify doesn't find them and continues to show those on band 5. As test I connected to my phone hotspot and devices list did change to none (except firestick) so the app is basically useless at identifying network devices and means I can't play on vat devices in house.   I don't know why I'm surprised as I even had to Google how to log out of Spotify.  They only seem interested in taking your money and keeping you logged in for stats and data.  Complete and utter.....


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Working fine here. Probably something wrong with your wifi configuration and/or Spotify app settings and/or iOS Privacy settings. 

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