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Spotify doesn't sync with my iPhone 7

Spotify doesn't sync with my iPhone 7



I have a few local files downloaded to Spotify on my Macbook. All of the local files are working on my Mac. I want to download them to my iPhone, but it doesn't seem to work. My Firewall is turned off, so that is not the problem. The "offline" switch is turned on on both devices. I've tried turning on and off for hours, but it doesn't seem to work at all.

I've tried all the other messages on the Spotify Community, but they don't work either.

Can anybody help me?

3 Replies

Hey Tim,


one question: Are those songs originally local files from your MacBook?

The quest for good music is a quest everyone should accomplish.

Yes, they are songs originally from my Macbook. Yesterday I got a new phone and I downloaded everything and that went fine. Now those local files are gone from my phone and I can't get them back.

Ok, I had the same issue some months ago. This is what worked for me:


I did add them to Spotify, like you did. Then I did create a new, extra playlist in Spotify and added the local files I wanted to the Playlist and downloaded them. I added a Screenshot to show you how its looking on my iPhone. I called the Playlist just "Random stuff you'll never hear" and you can see that there are some weird song names in this (means these are my local files) which are obviously downloaded on my iPhone.


The quest for good music is a quest everyone should accomplish.

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