Spotify doesn't work

Spotify doesn't work

I have a a premium subscription and I see that it's up to date, but I can't browse for songs or play anything. Sometimes if I reinstall it will play a song or two and then it stops working again. How do I talk to someone about this problem?
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To verify if you're account is properly set-up try if you can play music through the web player.


It is diffucult to find out if you have a problem with your account or with the software on your device, this way we can easily find out 🙂

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Yes it works.

That's great!

On the device where you have trouble with the playback is there enough free space availible and a stable internet connection?
What's a Spotify Rock Star?

Hi there,


Would you mind filling in the template below? It makes it easier for us to locate the problem.


  • Description of the issue 
  • A more detailed description, using numbered steps
  • What I expected to happen
  • What actually happened
  • Make and Model of device?
  • Device’s Operating System
  • Spotify version
  • Network provider and country
  • Screenshots
  • When the issue started
  • Does it occur in certain circumstances
  • Troubleshooting attempted

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Your internet connection and your device's operating system may be slow or out of date. Try to make sure everything is update to the latest version.

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