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Spotify iOS Problems

Spotify iOS Problems

There are 2 things I've noticed with the current version of Spotify on the iOS.


One is that the song titles do not update on the iPod lock screen. When the track changes, the name on the lock screen will not change after 2 songs, saying that it is playing the same song unless you unlock your device.


Also, when albums are being played from a playlist they occasionally just stop after some tracks. I don't think this is for buffering, because you have to select a song to start the playlist playing again.

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I have this problem as well.  I keep thinking a spotify update will fix it but it is becoming progressively worse with each update.  What gives spotify?

I have  this same problem. It also extends to bluetooth, etc. so when I play music in my car, the radio lists it as a different song. I notice that the song title will always change when the album does. This is rather frustrating.


This is a matter we are aware of, and the main thread relating to this is right here -

We'll keep that one updated when we have any further information - I'll lock this one for now.
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