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Spotify is syncing downloads to local files

Spotify is syncing downloads to local files

Since the update I've had a few instances where I've synced Spotify music to my iPhone, and rather than displaying the tracks as downloaded in Your Music (with the green arrow next to them) they are downloaded to Local Files instead.  They still appear in Albums, Songs, etc. but without the green arrow.  This is confusing behavior, and I believe it's a bug.  Any idea why this keeps happening?

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Hmm...I haven't seen or heard of this before. You're saying it's not visible in the library section?

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This only applies to the iPhone app.  I have the "Your Music" feature available (haven't been paying attention to see if this has been pushed to all users yet or not).


I'll try to add more clarity to the process, again all occurring within the iPhone app.  I search for an artist, view an album, then save it to Your Music.  I then navigate to Your Music, the Albums tab, go into the album, and make it available offline.  Usually I'll go back to the search at this point and keep browsing.


Later, I'll go back into the album in Your Music.  When the odd behavior has occurred, some or all of the tracks will not have the green arrow displayed next to them, as if they haven't been synced.  The Available Offline toggle is still on.  What's happened is that the tracks actually did get synced, and now, in addition to being listed in the Songs/Albums/Artists tabs of Your Music, they are listed in the Local Files area of the Playlist tab.


A person who doesn't know any better or has no idea about the Local Files section might think the tracks never got synced at all, since the green arrow indicating so is not there.  Even more confusing, the Available Offline toggle is still on, so such a user might think the sync somehow got messed up and Spotify didn't grab some or all of the tracks.  However, as I said above, the tracks did get synced and can be played in offline mode - they just somehow appear in both Songs/Albums/Artists as well as the Local Files list in Playlists.

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