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Spotify keeps crashing (Iphone)

Spotify keeps crashing (Iphone)

Recently my spotify has been crashing. Everytime I try to play a new song it just crashes. I have to keep on trying until it lets me play the song. But it takes a while and it is annoying. Does anybody know how to fix this problem. Help would be nice. Danks

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You did not say which iPhone you have and the version of iOS you are running


Try the following - your iPhone has probably run out of physical memory or resources

Happens on my iPone 6 - its a probem with iOS on any app


1 - throw apps out of memory

Double click the home button and your running apps will be shown

Flick your running apps up - one at a time - this removes them from memory


2 - Re-Boot your phone

Hold down both the Sleep/Wake button and the Home button for 10 seconds

Screen will go blank and the Apple Logo will appear on reboot - let go of the buttons


3 - if 1 & 2 dont work

Delete the spotify App

Re-Booot your phone 

Install Spotify back onto your phone


Hope this helps


I have tried rebooting it and killing the app (IOS 8.3 btw) But I am to scared to delete the app. I am in a country where spotify is not supported and last year (when I was not premium) I went online and lost all my music and it said that it was not supported in the area I was in. But has the feature changed? Can I logg on to spotify whereever I am?

Same problem here with Spotify on iPhone 6 with iOS 8.4. Have rebooted phone, removed the Spotify app and reinstalled. Sometimes it crashes immediately after starting a song, sometimes it will play for 30 minutes or more just fine.

Completely same issue. Just have no idea what to do. Seems that it's not phone/iOS issue, more like an account problem.

If you have tried my earlier suggestions and you still have problems then try the following


Clean install of iOS 8.4

ensure you have everything backed up or in the cloud before you do this

Links to two good articles on how to clean install iOS - read them both

How to Clean install iOS

Benefits of a clean Install


Contact Spotify Support

When I was having problems with Spotify Connect - Spotify  Support helped me by eliminating account problems

They allowed me to create a new account and made it temporarily Premium

This proved that my account was working correctly and the problem was elsewhere


If you do both of the above and still have problems its probably your phone that's at fault.

Thank you for suggestions. It just confused me because it's:
1. Only Spotify's app issue. Other music etc apps works fine
2. It started after my account has been switched from Premium to Free at the same minute it crashed.
3. I use iOS 9 beta 2 so it also can be a problem because I allowed that Spotify developers team didn't look to do compatibility with it yet.
So I can't reinstall my iOS to 8.4 unfortunately. I think I will try to get Premium back and see if error still there. If yes, I need to wait until iOS 9 will become official.

Since you are now on a free plan have you tried creating a new account to see if it has the same problems?

I have switched back to Premium and the issue has been resolved. So it proves that the issue was because of Spotify ads pushing method. 

Good desctiption of this problem in this thread: Spotify crashes in iOS9 when ads are queued to play


Hope it'll be fixed in next bug fix update.

I have uninstalled, restarted and re-installed numerous times. Please help! I have an iPhone 6S


If you are not on the latest version of iOS then update after you have removed Spotify and then try re-installing Spotify


If you are then I would suggest your next step should be a clean install /restore using iTunes. 

A clean install using iTunes fources your phone to have iOS re-installed - your phone is wiped first (hence its name clean install)

See my earlier post for links to instructions.


You should ensure you have backed up everything first 

iTunes Backup (Make sure you set it to encrypted so that your passwords etc are saved)

Check and double check that you have all your passwords for all your apps, wifi etc. anyway


To keep your SMS messages you may need to install an app to backup those up first.


If a clean install/restore does not work then you may have to try a clean install with iTunes and then set your phone up from scratch (no restore) - the advantage of this is you have a garanteed clean phone.  Then install Spotify and set it up.


If all the above does not sort Spotify out you will need to see Apple as it could be your iPhone is faulty.









Spotify keeps crashing on my iPhone too, and here's what I think it's about in my case.


I have a very large playlist that I keep for offline use, mainly to listen to music in my car. It has nearly 4000 tracks in it. When I do a clean install of Spotify, it doesn't crash as long as I don't select that playlist to be kept for offline use.


It usually starts crashing when it has downloaded about 1500 or more songs (not exactly sure when though). This is why I suspect Spotify can't handle large offline playlists - which sucks, cause I don't want to use mobile data all the time when driving or moving outside my home.


To me this seems like a fixable thing, but you never know...

Iphone 6 iOS 8.3

Spotify Version


Mine crashes everytime I open the app and start typing in the search box.


It does not crash if I play from one of my playlists first then search.


Tempted to update it and see if it fixes anything, but worried something else will break.

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