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Spotify keeps crashing on iOS

Spotify keeps crashing on iOS





 United States



iPhone 6s


Operating System

iOS 12.1.2


My Question or Issue

Spotify keeps crashing on my iPhone 6s over the past couple days. It usually crashes when I switch to a different song/album/playlist... I click on a track to start playing it and the app completely freezes. A forced reboot of the app gets it back to being temporarily functional again, but then it crashes again a few minutes later. I’ve done multiple fresh re-installs of the app and reboots of my iPhone, and the problem still persists. Please help.

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Hey @beachdude42,


Thanks for reaching out! We're happy to help 🙂 


Can you try this on a different internet connection and a different device and see if the app still crashes? 


We look forward to your reply.


Have a nice day!

Hey @beachdude42,


This is currently being investigated on this thread. Add a vote and check the status for more info. 


@etiennea56 thanks for the input.


We're doing our best to solve this one 🙂


I have experienced a similar problem - my app crashes every time I try to start it. Simple solution for me, I just turned my wifi off... not sure why my internet connection would have this sort of affect on the app. The same thing happened when I tried to open Genius. This did not happen when i opened any of my other apps though.

Same here, iPhone 6S. Tried do do both soft and hard restart, reinstall, nothing helps. App crashes every time I try to enter.

Also having the problem of the app crashing upon opening! tried reinstalling/clean reinstall, restarting my phone, hard reset. nothing works.

App just started crashing this afternoon regardless of internet connection type. I’m on iPhone 11 Max. Just updated, then uninstalled/reinstalled - still crashing. 


It keeps crashing every time i open it. My spotify now doesn’t work on web player too

+1, 6S updates current

After multiple soft restarts, and one hard, to no avail, I did another hard and left my phone off for 1/2 hour. Upon restart Spot seems to be behaving now.

same with me i cant open with wifi or my data turned on

Same here. Crashes immediately after opening if wifi or mobile data is enabled. Offline i get to login screen, but obviously cannot login. App crashes & exits when i enable network after starting up offline.


Spotify app update & reinstall didnt help and neither did iphone restart.


iPhone 8 / iOS 13.5.1 



Disaster app. Crashing all the time since this morning. Created space, reinstalled, reset phone. Nothing helped! wth?! 

Same behaviour on my iPhone 6s here in Germany.


App is shutting down as soon as I turn on my wifi or my data connection.


Installed latest spotify app version and my iPhone runs on iOS 13.5.1

Wow, I thought it didn't happen to anyone else. Same problem here, it only crashes whenever it is connected to the internet. My phone is iPhone SE (iOS 13.5.1). I was still able to open the app a few hours ago. And apparently Waze app is also having the same problem.

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