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Spotify not displaying correct track info on Ford Sync

Spotify not displaying correct track info on Ford Sync

This problem started back with one of the updates in May/June. With one of the updaets, the tracking accuracy of my Iphone connected through Ford Sync is off.

Before the update, the correct artist/song would always show correct on my Sync display as a playlist would progress. After one of the updates several months ago, the tracking was no longer accurate. A playlist will advance tracks, but the Sync display will essentially "stick" on a track. The title won't advance and the time will accumlate. For instance, I could listen to three songs consecutively, but the track display will only show the first track title and a cumulative time for all three tracks. This does not happen when playing tracks that I imported through Itunes or when listening to Pandora and used to never be an issue with Spotify. Thanks! 

4 Replies

I am running into same issue and it is small as the issue it is, it is quite annoying lol

I think this is a bigger issue that just Ford. I have the same issue. I think the problem lies in the app itself. it is not pulling  the metadata down correctly or not updating with each song. if you look at the song information on the phone while it is BT streaming to the Car, you will notice the song information wrong there as well. I think that ford sync is fine. I also have a synonlogy and stream music through their app "DS audio" and the Ford displays correctly there. I also don't think that it is a streaming issue as a synced album exibits the same issue.



  • Car: 2012 Explorer with MyTouch from Ford. All patches current
  • Spotify: Current verion of spotify
  • Phone: iPhone 5 current patch level


  • Usage: I use Bluetooth streaming to play from the phone to the car
  • To reproduce the error, just use spotify and watch the meta data from song to song

Not sure that the problem is just limited to Ford.


I am having the same issue in a Porsche Cayenne  and a Range Rover Sport  with an iPhone 4S.


I'm having the same issue in my BMW 328

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