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Spotify not syncing tracks on iphone 4

Spotify not syncing tracks on iphone 4

I've loved spotify for years and haven't ever had a problem really untill recently. Basically new tracks won't sync and it's so darn annoying. I've had to delete spotify a few times now only to reinstall it and have a large library on it. The past 3 days it hasn't synced new tracks I've added. I've deleted playlists and these tracks still won't sync. I've deleted a few of those tracks that wont sync and the rest still won't either. I've deleted apps for more space and I still find that these few tracks won't sync. I've also closed the app, refreshed it turned it off and on again, updated everything on my handset and it's still not working, I've even left it overnight to try and download them and it hasn't. There can't possibly be a valid reason and it's so frustrating has anyone else experienced this issue or come up with a solution BESIDES deleting the app and redownloading it? 


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Please note there is a limit of 3,333 synced songs per device, so if you have reached this limit it will stop syncung. Are these local tracks?

Try disabling offline mode and re enabling it.

Make sure Spotify itself is not in offline mode.

If you do not have sync over 2/3/4G lte enabled, check you are connected to a wifi network.


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Hi, thanks for the quick response, turns out that disabling offline, exiting the app deleting it from processes and then re enabling offline got it working again without having to delete everything.

Cheers for the advice,


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