Spotify offline music only download when the phone is unloked

Spotify offline music only download when the phone is unloked





iPhone 11 pro max

Operating System

(iOS 13.3.1


My Question or Issue


When In settings I go to Music Quality, in Download section there is this message: “Please Keep Spotify Open And Your screen unlocked. Downloads will pause If your device is idle For more than two minutes” So that means that my iPhone must be unlocked and on all the time if I want to download all the music that I have. How can I solve this problem because I can have all the time my iPhone unlocked and on. Or please explain me what I am doing wrong.


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Hey @Issuarez,


Thanks for reaching out about this here in the Community.


In our experience, the new music you add to one of your Spotify playlists should get downloaded even with the app in the background or your screen locked after the first time you download the music in the same list while keeping Spotify open and your screen unlocked (as per the message you shared with us).


Let us know how it goes for you after you try this. We'll be here if there's anything else we can help with!

Mario Moderator
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Exactly, so why still not working on my phone? the only solution that i have found is let spotify playing music all night long to download very few songs.

Anyway. I still like spotify i wouldn't like to change to apple music for this issue.


hope you really help me 


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