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Spotify on iOS shows song album cover/song title different to song playing on Desktop App

Spotify on iOS shows song album cover/song title different to song playing on Desktop App

Plan Premium

Country Germany

Device iPhone XS, , MacBook Air M1

Operating System iOS 16, Monterey


Note: In the following text, the playback source is always the Mac, not the iPhone.



for certain songs such as on Discover Weekly, there's the possibiltiy to press "Minus (-)" on the iOS app, but not on the Desktop App. When I press that button on the iOS app, it will still be possible to play this song on the Desktop App.


When I do this, the iOS app (on my iPhone lying next to the computer) will no longer show this song's album art and song title, but instead will continue to show the previously played song's title and cover WHILE AT THE SAME TIME showing the progess bar (that shows at what minute/second the current song is playing) refers to the other song that is actually playing and the title/art of which is currently shown on the Desktop App.


The moving progress bar leaves the impression to the user when looking at the phone that the shown album title and song actually refers to the song currently playing, which is not the case. On the iPhone, not just the album art and song title, but also heart and the minus symbol continue to refer to the previously played song.


So looking at the iPhone, the user SEES song A's title and SEES song A's album title, but HEARS song B and SEES song B's progress bar moving on. Let's suppose the user dislikes the song currently playing (song B). When she/he now presses dislike (not knowing that there is a mismatch since it's newly discovered music!), the WRONG song will be disliked/hidden (or respectively: liked).


This is a completely unacceptable situation and I urge you to fix this issue as soon as possible by ensuring that the Desktop App is capable of dealing handling unliked/hidden song data.


Hidden/Disliked songs --- no matter if on iPhone of on Mac App -- should be visible but greyed out -- and no matter if they had been disliked on iPhone of Mac.


And never again should there be a mismatch of "song title/album cover/like/dislike button" VS. "actual song currently playing, and its moving progress bar)


Please consider this an urgent issue and please fix it.


Please upvote / comment if you can reproduce the same issue.


Please don't suggest that I clear the cache or reinstall the app or restart the devices / apps etc. -- I don't expect this to fix it, and even if it did, it would still mean that your software needs to be fixed because such a problem should never be caused by a cache / restart issue. It's like "just reinstall Windows". Yeah sure.... Thank you for your understanding of this paragraph, but often enough have I read this suggestion that I feel I need to comment. Thanks again for understanding.


I want to say I appreciate that in Daily Mix, the Minus Button does appear. This is a great development and I hope it will make its way to the Desktop App soon, and that the above issues will be resolved.


I would like to add that "hide unplayable songs" is NOT activated on iOS. However note that this option is grayed out anyway when the playback source is the computer.


Thank you.






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I'd like to add this:

It drives me crazy that there seem to be various ways to keep a song from playing / appearing. I never know what's really going on. I just want to tell Spotify to never play a certain song again, ever, on any device, period. Instead, I'm left confused:


* songs that are playable on device A, but not B

* songs that can be hidden on device A, but not B

* songs that might be hidden from a playlist, but not globally (read about that as yet another possiblity...)

* songs that are "disliked" vs songs that are "hidden"

* minus sign buttons that might refer to "dislike" or to "hide", and also that might or might not tell Spotify that this song is not liked.


Can't you just do this:

1. possibility for the user to hide and never play a song again, on all devices

2. possibility foe the user to displike and never play a song again, on all devices, which includes its hiding (see 1.)


1. and 2. are different in that 1 gives the user the possibilty to get rid of a song for some reason without telling spotify that he dislikes it. For example, a user might like artist X very much, and may want to hide/not play any more certain songs of that artist (for example remakes, somewhat boring songs, live version etc.)---But he loves that artist and does not want to send to Spotify the message that he "hates" all of those songs, and thus the artist. The dislike should be reserved for songs that one really does not like, obviously, so Spotify learns that.

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