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Spotify on iphone4 does not connect on 3G, but it does on WiFi

Spotify on iphone4 does not connect on 3G, but it does on WiFi

Hi guys,


I´ve been having a problem for a month now in my Iphone 4 with Spotify, I have a premium account that got in the US. Then, I moved back to Spain, and sometime after that I noticed that I could not listen to music while in the car, except for those songs that I marked to listen while offline. Then I investigated, and it turns out that Spotify is all the time "connecting" but never gets online in 3G. However, it does connect in WiFi.


What is going on here? Is this a problem of Spotify at all?


I am so puzzled here, so any help is greatly appreciated.


Thanks in advance,


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Are you able to surf the net using the device (3G) network? Open websites etc?

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