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Spotify only playing 11 seconds of songs!

Spotify only playing 11 seconds of songs!

Hey guys,

Never had a single problem with Spotify (I have Spotify Premium) till today but this morning I have noticed that certain songs will only allow me to play the first 11 or so seconds of the song before it stops playing. The bar also stops moving and the time pauses also; however, the song is still set to "play" not "pause".

I have tried multiple things to fix this issue including signing out and signing back in again, uninstalling the app and reinstalling it, switching my phone off and on again and I have even tried using my cellular data instead of my current wifi connection and the issue happens for both...

I am at a loss here and have become very frustrated as all the topics I have read with people who have similar issues get told to do the things that I have already tried and they have not fixed my issue...

Any suggestions with what would fix this would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.
6 Replies

I am having the same issues, have premium, have reinstalled the app, turned wifi on and off, restarted phone, no of which helps.

Would be great if someone provided an update to this issue - thanks

I'm also having this exact same issue - songs don't play for more than 10 seconds and freeze. Perhaps there's some sort of software glitch that's effecting us? Likewise I've tried every troubleshooting option - deleting the app, restarting my phone, changing internet connection etc etc. hopefully someone knows how to resolve this issue!! 🙂

I have discovered  that it is only affecting today's new releases.  Whether there is something wrong with the files, unsure.  But everything else seems to be working fine.

Yes! I have noticed this also. Hopefully this will mean that it will fix itself soon... I really want to listen to AlunaGeorge's new album today! 😞

this same thing is happening to me and i have no idea to fix it so i'm just gonna cancel my subscription

Hey! This was happening to me a while ago - only to new release songs! It
stopped after an hour or two though 🙂

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