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Spotify playing random songs

Spotify playing random songs

Since a relatively recent update, when I try to play a song, Spotify often plays a random other song. And when I skip it, it often still goes to another random song that is not the song I want to play. Often enough, that to get to the next song I’m too often forced to be stuck on a random song playing since I used up my skips. The random songs are not in my playlists, are not to my taste and have no resemblance to anything I regularly listen to. If this is supposed to be a ‘feature’ I do not understand how this is supposed to sell Spotify Premium; if anything it is a deterrent. If this is a bug then this post is a report. In either case it would be greatly appreciated if the random play issue could be resolved. Using the newest iOS and Spotify app. Thanks.

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Did you say you are on spotify Premium? on spotify regular in iOS it does not allow playing a playlist regularily, and goes to shuffle. It also adds songs that aren't necessarily in your playlist, but are supposed to be according to your tastes. Premium gets rid of this "Feature" but still allows autoplay if one desires. is it possible to downvote songs that aren't in your playlist when this happens? you may be able to make it a little more bearable if you can use the random music script to your advantage. 


I am having the same issue and pay for premium. Very frustrating. 


This is definitely a selling point for Premium as that plan allows you full control of your music at all times - free of ads and random radio. Plus all the repeats, rewinds and skips that you ever want.

If you are on Premium it will default to random music once the playlist runs its course if not on repeat. You would want to have the repeat playlist function set in order for it to not flow to what they think you might want next.
It's a feature to keep music going and hopefully help you find something similar if not the same that you like.

Not sure if that helps or not! 🙂

I should also note you can toggle this feature in your App 🙂

Screen Shot 2017-10-22 at 9.10.22 PM.png

I don’t see it as a selling point at all. Yes it’s an annoying feature that might entice some to pay for greater control, but I rarely use Spotify and only for testing purposes, and furthermore I’d rather not support a company (when I don’t have to) that uses these tactics.


If the random music that played were in line with my tastes, then it would be more bearable, but it’s been the opposite: every random song that has played has been one I dislike, missing the genre/style entirely. It seems there’s no functional algorithm to find/play songs I would like, or it’s not working for me for some reason. And in reply to another comment, no, apparently there’s no way to downvote these songs.


On a related note, is there a way to clear the Now Playing bar at the bottom, short of reinstalling the app? Sometimes I want to take screenshots/videos in Spotify and don’t want this visible. I think SoundCloud had a similar issue but didn’t require app reinstallation and anyway they resolved it.

Had to rate Spotify 1 star in app store because of this. I’ll change my rating if it’s fixed. Also still seeking solution for issue in paragraph 3 above. Any help appreciated. Thanks.

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