Spotify randomly pausing on Iphone XR


Spotify randomly pausing on Iphone XR

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I have had spotify premium for a couple years now, never had any issues. Recently upgraded to Iphone XR from iphone 6S. Spotify is randomly pausing now and driving me crazy. It will sometimes work for an hour or two with no issues and others will randomly pause multiple times within a 5 minute span. It will pause regardless of the screen being locked or not. It pauses with both my apple headphones (wired) and bluetooth Bose (headphones).

I have the most updated spotify and IOS software. 

I have deleted and reinstalled spotify.

I have signed out of all devices on spotify account.

Low power mode is not activiated.


A solution would be greatly appreciated. Always been a big spotify advocate however if I cant get this fixed I will have to move on to another music provider.



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Re: Spotify randomly pausing on Iphone XR

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Hi @coryhoops,

thanks for reaching out here !


Can you provide me with the following info:

- Does this happen across all of your other devices ?

- Have you tried using the device on different neworks/WiFi connections ?


Thanks for your cooperation:)

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Re: Spotify randomly pausing on Iphone XR

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- I dont use the spotify on any other devices.

- I have not tried on other networks. It happens in all types of places, gym, walking to work, at work, in the car (main places I use spotify). Mainly just rely on cell service as I always have. The issue happens when I have good service, mediocre service, and bad service. It is much different from when spotify doesnt respond due to no service.