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Spotify randomly skips songs on iOS

Spotify randomly skips songs on iOS

When listening to Spotify on my phone out and about the app skips, pauses, rewinds and forwards songs randomly. It occurs when the screen is locked, but if I open the screen the problem still presists and I can see the songs being skipped, paused etc like someone has taken over the phone! I have tried a fresh install but didn't help.


Phone: iPhone 7

OS: iOS 10.0.2

Spotify version:


There's no systematic reasoning for when it happens, so it's super annoying and making it occasionally impossible to listen to music so please help!

3 Replies

I'm having this problem too, have been having it for a while. I've tried reinstalling the app too, but nothing has changed. 


I'm using Spotify premium so not to be able to listen to music uninterrupted is unacceptable. 


Please help to sort this out ASAP Spotify! 

Where is the Spotify Help Desk on this issue??  Months have passed since this was posted and still nothing from the Company to address the issue.  There are literally HUNDREDS of similar posts with users of different phones with different OSs, different data providers, in different parts of the country.  Many of us are "Premium" customers and we cannot enjoy our music with this App.  Does Spotify care about its customers??? How can it force us to ask around to other users for a way to fix this when it is Spotify that should be researching and providing the answer!!!!

I use android and im experiencing this as well. I recently downladdow the life and times of scrooge MCduck by toumas holopainen but every time the song comes on (shuffle) it skips? The song titles also appears gray and not white?


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