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Therer`s no download folder in my spotify app


Therer`s no download folder in my spotify app


so my family and I bought Spotify Family some days ago. Now we`re having the problem, that on one of the accounts there`s no download folder. Downloading actually does work, but a folder is pretty practical 😄 If someone could help me, would be very nice.


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Solution found! Figured this out today on iOS. Go to the Library tab. Choose “Albums”. Pull down on the list. That reveals a hidden toolbar. Tap the menu button in upper right.  (It looks like a hamburger or a stack of pancakes.) Choose “Downloads” in the filters section. That’s it. Super hidden.


This is also works on the “Songs” list.

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Hey @oversizet, welcome to the Spotify Community!


All Spotify downloads are saved in a cache location, and Spotify uses a specialized database to store songs split among multiple files for optimal performance on devices. When you have a lot of tracks, devices can slow down, so it's awesome to see that these files are cataloged this way. The files are encrypted to prevent tampering, ensuring a great experience for all Spotify users.


Please let me know if you need anything else! Happy listening 🙂

TY for ur reply, but i think u understood me wrong 😄 I actually just meant the Folder in the Spotify app,  in the Bibliothek  



Ohhhh I understand, you're saying there's no folder that shows all of your downloads in the same place in the Spotify app?

On mobile, in Your Library (or in German, probably Bibliothek) there should be a Downloads tab. If there isn't, please make sure the app is updated to the current version. Please let me know if it doesn't work for some reason!


Looking forward to your response 🙂



yea, that`s what I meant 😄 and yes I meant library, couldn't remember the right word 😄

So I checked, but there`s no update for the app. I also checked on PC, but there`s no download tab either. I read that you can only use 3 devices for 1 account, and I do have 3 devices on that account, but 3 should actually work, right?



That's odd.

The PC app has no Downloads tab, but the mobile app should. Can you try deleting and re-installing the mobile app?

I have already tried that, and also restarting the phone. I mean it`s not a huge Problem, but it`s practical to have it, as i said 😄 I guess i`ll contact the Spotify Support. 😄 thanks for your help 🙂


I have the same Problem actually.
Did you solve it? Or is there still no folder?



I think Spotify is testing features on different users. My wife has a downloads section on Spotify for iPhone, but I don't. I wish Spotify would make all the apps the same. My iPad app is different than my iPhone and it's annoying.


Another way to see your downloads is to go to Bibliotek(Library) and tap on Playlists, songs, albums  or artists and swipe down until you see Filter on top, tap the three line menu (hamburger menu) and tap downloads. Now your music is filtered and you should see only the downloads.


If you want to see everything again, just tap Downloads or swipe all the way up until you see a button called Remove filters.


Hope this helps and I hope Spotify has the simpler Downloads tab.


Best Regards,




I have the same issue - my husband and daughter have a "downloaded" option in library, but I do not. This solution shows me the list but what I really want to do is shuffle all downloads when I'm traveling. I can't find a way to do this, but like I said my husband and daughter can.


Unfortunately this is still a problem for other people in my family and we have reinstalled the app and updated it and still haven't seen a Download folder in the Iphone Spotify App (in the Library tab). Is this something you all can include to make it a necessity in the next update? Ot can get really inconvenient to have to search around music while driving when the folder isn't there on my wife's phone but is on mine.

Any help would be great! Thanks.

Experiencing same issue with one of account where download folder is missing. Is there any way how to contact Spotify directly and ask for explanation/help. 


Mi hermano la tiene a la carpeta y a mi no me aparece, la verdad q esto es muy incomodo porfavor spotify hagan algo ayudennos que pagamos por un servicio optimo y ya llevo meses con este mismo problema

Mi spotify premium no me muestra la pestaña de descargas, esto es muy incomodo no poder poner solamente las canciones descargadas ya que si escogo mal se detiene cuando estoy sin conexion, ayuda porfavor si no mejor cancelare mi cuenta premium y buscare otra opcion.


it isnt working i just updated it and it still isnt workind no Downloads 


Which country have you downloaded the Spotify App? If you are not getting the download folder, try downloading it from a country like United States or United Kingdom. Probably different country apps have the download folder enabled. Because I’m from Australia and I’m missing the download folder. 

No, I live in the U.S. and also do not have it.

Im having the same issue, I did have the 'downloaded' folder until a few days ago. Now the folder has vanished from my iphone and it's so annoying! This was the main way I used to access my downloaded music! 

I had it until yesterday and now it disappeared. Find this really aggravating. Almost crashed my car trying to find a downloaded album.  I have found Spotify very unreliable a solving tech problems. 

Has a solution been found? 

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