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Spotify randomly stops playing

Spotify randomly stops playing

The Spotify iPhone app will randomly stop playing or pause the music. This is very annoying, especially as I pay for Spotify Premium and expect a working service. 

I have noticed this mainly on my iPhone SE when listening to Spotify on the iPhone independently, and also when controlling Spotify on a Macbook or iMac with the iPhone. 

I have the latest iOS version (11.0.3), but the music has also been pausing randomly with previous versions. I have the macOS version Sierra 10.12.6 on the iMac and Macbook. 

I have Spotify Premium. The app is updated to the latest version (8.4.20).

I tried reinstalling the Spotify app. After reinstalling the app, it played music for 20 minutes before pausing. Sometimes Spotify pauses even sooner after just a few minutes and 2-3 tracks. 

On the iPhone I have all notifications turned on for Spotify in Settings (I saw that as a potential solution somewhere). 


Any solutions? Bug fixes from Spotify? 

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I've got the same problem and it's driving me insane. Not usuable currently. Looking at the forum, it appears this has been going on for a while. Think I will need to cancel the subscription

Same problem here. Just switched to premium too.


Additionally, when I play Spotify via my MacBook Air through Bluetooth headphones, when I disconnect the headphones and manually pause the music on the computer app, as soon as I close my Mac lid, the music resumes playing. Weird as all get out. 


Never had these problems on the free account. Tried to fix all my stuff Mac-wise too. Not sure if it’s Mac or Spotify. Either way, annoying as **bleep**.

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