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Spotify's Greatest Problem Is This;

Spotify's Greatest Problem Is This;

How on earth has this simple, yet insanely annoying problem still not been solved yet?!?

When Spotify notifies me that an artist has uploaded 'X amount of songs' to their playlist, it is of no use to me or anybody!

You follow the notification to the playlist and are expected to just find these new additions using your own superpowers amongst the 10,000,000,000 songs already there in the playlist!!

Now I'm led to believe that the actual Spotify program tells you what's 'New!' In a playlist. So why can't we adapt that same principle to the app?

This is a big thing and I can't believe it still hasn't been sorted.
Please Mr. Spotify.
Sort this out!

Thank You

(Oh and apologies if this has already been raised, but evidently it needs to be prompted)
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Seriously? Nobody else is bothered about this?!
If enough people comment and make it a popular post, then maybe it'll catch the right attention!

Still not sorted…

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