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Spotify special behaviors

Spotify special behaviors

Dear all,


I currently use Spotify free version on my iPad Air, my Macbook Retina without problem.
I've installed iPhone version but here i had a special behavior.
All musics (in my personnal play list or not) cannot be played except play randomly.
Each music has a cycle icon with 3 dot such as (...)
The only options I have are:

- Add to playlist

- Select

- Add in queue

- Share



- I'm always connected to wifi network, i don't use cellular (2G/3G) network

- I've tried to remove and reinstall app without success. 


I add a (french) screenshot for better understanding 


Any idea where the problem come ?

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Spotify free on mobile devices can only play playlists or artist catalogues in shuffle mode, and use radio. On-demand playback on mobile devices is a premium feature. 


Full details about Spotify free on mobile are here:!/article/spotify-free-on-your-mobile-phone

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