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Won't sync all songs on Iphone 5

Won't sync all songs on Iphone 5

I am having so many issues lately with all of my songs syncing on spotify. I gave up a long long time ago on trying to get my own music on spotify, it's not songs from spotify that will not sync. I have tried closing and reopening the app multiple times, turning my phone off and on, and I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app onto my phone multiple times, I am getting very frustrated with this. The songs sync perfectly onto my computer, but I could care less about that because I use spotify the most on my iPhone. How do I fix this? If it doesn't get resolved soon I will have no other choice but to cancel my premium membership and go back to rhapsody.

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Are you following the steps in this help page to sync those tracks from your computer using WiFi? 

If so, can you see your device under "Devices" in the left hand sidebar of Spotify?

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