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Spotify started to play unknown song

Spotify started to play unknown song

Hi everyone,


1 and a half month before, my iPhone suddenly starts to play a completely random song on full volume. I was so afraid, and decided to close (log off)  all sessions, removing all third party extensions (including social media) connected to my account, changed my password. 
Today I had the exact same issue. All of a sudden my iPhone started to play a song from Spotify (and the track was called ‘Sabotage’). Right now I am really panicked and I really need to solve the issue. At least a logical explanation I expect.

I want to list the checks/actions that I had:

-I checked wifi, there is no weird or outsider connection. I do not share it with anyone unfamiliar.

-I have a Sony TV that I used Spotify, that I think this is thinnest point for me. Could not find anything there to make an extra check.

-As I said I have disconnected all third parties from my account and changed my password. There is no suspicion on there.

-Other than that, I use spotify on personal macbook. Didn’t check it widely.

Hope you can help me navigate through this issue. Otherwise I will stop using Spotify because it terrified me.







iPhone xS

Operating System

iOS 16.0


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As you have mentioned, you are using different devices as well.. do you mean the same account but logged in to different devices? If so, it could be that someone's playing a song on any of those devices. If you are sure no one's using those devices at the time your iPhone started playing a Spotify music, then there's a possibility that your account is compromised and being used by someone else.


Repeat the same steps you did before.

1. Change the password

2. Sign out everywhere

3. Remove unnecessary access by clicking "apps" tab. That tab will show the apps you have granted to have an access with your Spotify. Remove everything to keep your account safe

4. Change the email address as well if you have any other email address to use

5. Sign out everywhere one more time.


Thanks for your advice. But what doesn’t make sense for me is I already did
all of the steps a month ago where this first happened. Except changing my
e-mail, which is protected with 2-factor authentication and alerts any
suspicious activity=which is none.

There are so many ways how people steal our logins, not just Spotify, but with other stuffs as well. If you somewhat feel like someone's using your account, it's better do something than not doing anything.


Among the many ways how people steal our logins is thru a phishing link. Links that can be deceptive and act as a legit website but the truth is it is a phishing link. Most attackers send them thru email. If you have received a link, make sure to always check it. I suggest Virus Total for checking links.


You may wanna check the apps you installed on your devices as well. Attackers can also phish our logins if ever a user downloaded and installed the app they re-created.

Thanks for your recommendations.

You're welcome!

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