Heos 7, Spotify connect volume

Heos 7, Spotify connect volume



The last few weeks I hade notice problem with adjusting volume on My Heos 7 and Heos 1 device egen using Spotify connect. 

The volume seems to have a "life of it's own" and change itself and doesn't stay on the setting I have chosen. Same problem occur with Spotify app and Heos app.

Anyone noticed the same problem? Work around?


Thanks in advance


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Same problem for me. One day the app insisted on cranking up the volume to 3x what I normally have so I had to send the kids to their rooms to save their ears!


Same problem for me. It works "ok" to adjust volume from spotify app but not from HEOS app 😕

I have a HEOS Surround system. I have been experiencing sporadic volume changes on my system. Sometimes the volume goes to the max. In one case in damaged the speakers on my soundbar. Luckily got it repaired under warranty. At first i thought it was my system, but have now learned that others who have similar systems such as SONOS and Marantz have the same problem. The culprit seems to be spotify connect. Once someone has connected to your device through WIFI, even using is own spotify account, the can still unknowingly be tampering with your device when they are no longer in the vicinity of your home. I am hoping somebody here knows a way out of this. I have not had a satistying answer from Spotify support and my internet provider can't help me either. Right now we have disconnected the surround from out TV to avoid the risk of damage again. 

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